June 27, 2008

InstaBunk! Town Gets Rid Of Traffic Signals (video)

Have you heard of a certain blogger's crusade against his perennial municipal nemesis?

Others worry about safety. Red-light cameras are supposed to make us safer by discouraging people from running red lights. The trouble is that they work too well. Numerous studies have found that when these cameras are put in place, rear-end collisions increase dramatically. Drivers who once might have stretched the light a bit now slam on their brakes for fear of getting a ticket, with predictable results. A study of red-light cameras in Washington, D.C., by The Washington Post found that despite producing more than 500,000 tickets (and generating over $32 million in revenues), red-light cameras didn't reduce injuries or collisions. In fact, the number of accidents increased at the camera-equipped intersections.

Well, the town in this video got rid of red lights, stop signs, yield signs, one-way signs, do-not-enter signs, crosswalks, and all other manifestations of proper traffic authority. And where is this magical land of disobedient scofflaws? Why, that famous hotbed of freewheeling rule-breakers ... Germany

Auf Wiedersehen, Herr Reynolds: 


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