September 29, 2008

I'm not an economsit, I just play one on the internet

Please take the following with more than a grain of salt, the joke about lawyers going to law school instead of business school because they can't do math is funny because it's true.  That being said, here are my thoughts on the bail out and the economic debacle.

Giving loans to credit unworthy people, no matter how noble the intention, is idiotic and will lead to the obvious result.  Turning around and using those mortgages as the basis for investment vehicles is completely stupid.  Yet, Congress permitted this and now we're all going to pay.

I have more than a bit of the Joker in me and there's a large part of me that wants to stand back and watch the world burn.  But that's not a rational response.  I do not know whether or not the bail out is utterly necessary.  I do know that all the posturing being done by our elected officials is sickening.  Either this is a huge disaster or its not.  If it is?  Cut the crap and act like grown ups.  If it's not?  Stop pulling the $700 billion figure out of the air.  The economy will grind to a halt if people are terrified to spend cash.  This isn't a game, this isn't some type of opportunity to take political advantage.  This is supposed to be a serious crisis, invoking a serious response.  I should have known that was beyond our elected officials.

As MP noted in the magnificent rant below (read now if you haven't yet), being an adult has become a liability, not something to which people aspire.  That leads to all kinds of nasty consequences, including the virulent partisanship on display in this never ending election.  The concepts of compromise and making sacrifices for The Greater Good are now considered signs of weakness.  No good can come of that.

All of that and, I reiterate, I really have no opinion as to whether or not the bail out is a good idea.  It's nearly impossible to cut through the screaming to make an intelligent evaluation.  All I know is that when I ponder the future of public polity in this country, well, my first urge is to stock up on the canned goods.  A storms a comin'.  And I never wanted to live in interesting times. 

Now.  Time for something far more interesting.

Those make the perfect statement of "Hi.  I"m a classy dame who is about to put this heel through your throat.  There's a good boy."

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