June 26, 2010

I was just thinking

In the wake of the Dave Weigel debacle Ezra Klein has decided to kill the JournoList listserv, but we all know it will be back.  maybe we should setup a competing list serv.  I know we aren't journalists or heavy duty right wing pundits but there are at least according to people on Ace of Spades quite a few of those people who visit his site and we get some crossover.  I would do this a little different than Klein however.  First off everyone would be anonymous so that the type of exposure Klein faced couldn't happen to our members.  Second I would scrub the topics so that the type of thing Klein wrote didn't survive.  I am interested in making a point not running people down.

I say I and we but I am only using that as an example of how I would do things, someone with more credibility than myself would need to set things up.  I have no contacts and I have no credibility outside my own deranged fantasies so I am in no position to do anything.

Another thing I would like to set up is a conservative only chat system.

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