March 04, 2009

"I reject your premise"

Mike at Cold Fury offers up a Rush-inspired post.  Seriously, like all good things in life, it's this simple.  One of the biggest failures among the GOP leadership, and even among conservatives is the willingness to accept premises from the media and the Left (BIRM), and then try and build a coherent argument from there. 

One of the biggest failures in 2008 was the GOP's acceptance of the left's false premise that it was Bush, the GOP and corporate greed that caused the collapse of the financial system, not disastrous policies that encouraged, even forced banks and financiers to offer loans to people who clearly were not going to be able to pay them, spearheaded by Barney Frank, Chris Dodd and most other Democrats.  McCain pretty much paralyzed himself as far as offering an effective response by accepting the Democrats' premise, by the time he even began to try and turn that ship around, it was too late.  Where did that get us?

Not to go Huck on y'all, but it actually reminds me of the parable about building on the rock.  Every time we accept the Left's false premises, we build on sand, and that building will collapse.  This is a point that Jeff Goldstein has been hammering on for ages, particularly when it comes to framing language...though perhaps not with as many New Testament references.

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