June 09, 2008

Hurt By High Gas Prices? (And Accompanying Disjointed Rant)

The Lightmaker has the solution! Give up? Moar taxes!

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama said on Monday he would impose a windfall profits tax on U.S. oil companies as he sought political gain from Americans' pain over high gasoline prices.
Okay, I'm trying to follow this divine line of logic. We take the excessive profits of the mustachioed oil barons and use it to umm... I'm really having a hard time figuring out how this helps the average driver save money on gas. I guess we could take the profit and use it to lower the fuel oil taxes but that would end up backfiring because the oil companies would just raise their prices to recoup the lost revenue.

Average Oil Baron Fat-Cat Overconsumer Racist Rich Man

Of course, I'm a moron. His Hopiness surely has the answer:
"I'll make oil companies like Exxon pay a tax on their windfall profits, and we'll use the money to help families pay for their skyrocketing energy costs and other bills," the Illinois senator said.

What the fuck?

The plan is to increase the taxes on oil companies (and therefore, everyone and everything) in order to help the 'poor' pay for their electric bill? How is this not just naked socialism?

Of course, that's exactly what this is. 

The unforunate state of modern American politics pits a party so stupid it can't nominate a presidential candidate to the right of Hillary Clinton against a party that is ideologically opposed to success.

Their antipathy for success dominates every wing of their political philosophy.  Whether it be climate change, victimology or their orgasmic love for taxes, every policy they espouse has the desired side effect of parting successful, productive people from the fruits of their labor. 

But where does this hostility to success come from?  What feeds this desire to rob from who they consider rich to give to those they consider underprivilidged?

A fundamental misunderstanding of economics and a world-view based in Marxist Conflict Theory.  I'll focus for now on the latter and leave aside the almost amusing lack of understanding liberals have for supply and demand (it is not a flaw they own, unfortunately.  I'm talking to you gas tax holiday enthusiasts).

Liberals may not like to admit it but deep down they all truly believe that the reason the United States (and by extension all of Western Civilization) is so wealthy is not because our institutions of freedom and security make us so but because we somehow stole it from the rest of the world.  We are not wealthy because we work harder and smarter than people in Belize but because at some point racist, white colonists stole the riches of these poor people and left them only with what scraps fell off our lofty table. 

Similarly, Bill Gates isn't rich because he worked hard and innovated in a newly emerging market but because he somehow exploited the worker class and therefore his wealth is as misbegotten as a stolen car. 

These enlightened liberals feel desperately guilty for this behavior and will support any cause and raise any tax in order to rectify it.  They just won't be happy until everyone is achieving the same level of results, no matter their talent.

The concept that wealth can simply be created has never crossed their minds because it would mean that all their cherished victims are only victims of their own inactivity.  Even if it were explained, it would be rejected outright as Voodoo.  And they call conservatives closed-minded!

This brings me to another beef the left has with successful people.  Their very existence serves to disprove one of the most beloved of leftift doctrine; that we are all the same. 

Condoleeza Rice is universally reviled by the left not specifically because she is a 'race traitor' but because she took a very humble origin and became one of the most powerful women in the history of the Earth.  This tends to imply that there is far more to a person's makeup than just who raised them and how they were victimized by society.  It shows that a person is born with intrinsic abilities that may serve to raise them above their peers.

Obviously, this idea is hateful to the left because nearly every one of their redistribution schemes is based on the idea that the only reason a man is in prison instead of a doctor is that he wasn't given the opportunity at some point (an idea so stupid on its face that it impels me to label liberals unintelligent no matter how sure I am that this is not true, well not all the time). 

About two years ago I was in a discussion with a liberal about the Bush tax cuts.  He insisted they were "tax cuts for the rich" and no matter how many numbers I showed him, he would not be budged.  I then offered a solution: "Well, if the rich got too large of a cut, why don't we just lower everyone elses taxes even more?"

This made my liberal friend angry but he didn't know why.  The idea was simply enraging to him and he couldn't explain it.  It's because his love for the taxes on the rich had nothing at all to do with fairness or economics or balancing the budget. 

It was to punish the rich for being so gosh-darned good at life, the one crime liberals will never forgive.

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