February 29, 2008

Huckabee Mad That Tubby Evangelist Cockroach Endorsed McCain

Some of you may remember, Mike Huckabee actually went out of his way to court this hate filled, Bible-thumping tub of goo.  Now the Hucktard is whining that Hagee has abandoned him and is supporting McCain, citing his solidly pro-life record as the reason Hagee should stick with Camp Huck. 

Achuta McCain, doy dar gula uska, Huckabee, hoo hoo hoo!

Huck has gone from being infuriating to annoying to pathetic and kinda fun to watch as he wails and gnashes his teeth amongst the long abandoned wreckage that was his presidential campaign, commenting on Hagee's defection, The Vainglorious One says,

“He just thought that the political rationale was he wanted to get on Sen. McCain’s team, and he thought he was gonna win the nomination,” Huckabee said. “I don’t think that’s a foregone conclusion, and even if I did, I would stand on principle more than I would politics.”

Its so fun to watch Huck shouting into the wind, no one there to listen.  As much as I can't stand McCain, I despise Huck at least as much.  Hucktard is also whining because McCain won't give him another debate, arguing that McCain is avoiding him, throwing out that McCain needs to be able to face any crowd. 

Nice try, Huck, whether the Christian Democrat wing of the party likes it or not, McCain is an ill tempered egomaniac who does whatever the hell he wants, he's gonna ignore you, and he has the nomination locked up. McCain has been giving the finger to conservatives for over a decade, what makes you think he's gonna listen to you?

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