August 31, 2009

How'd this one slip by?

Huh, it seems that evil Chevron caught the judge in an enviro-wacko suit against them in Ecuador taking a bribe to rule against Chevron and deny them an appeal.
Video recordings reveal a $3 million bribery scheme implicating the judge presiding over the environmental lawsuit currently pending against Chevron and individuals who identify themselves as representatives of the Ecuadorian government and its ruling party.

That link goes to the evil Chevron corporation. They're pretty much accusing the gov't of Ecuador of shaking them down on their website.

So my question: 
Does Obama ignore it or openly side with Morales and demand that Chevron give the gov't back their $3mil, give another $3mil to the judge, agree to lose the case and apologize for causing all this trouble?

Crap, H/T Gateway Pundit, where I steal all the best links.

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