July 29, 2009

How to go from Fail to Epic Fail in one easy step.

Updated again, oops edition. .
Tex at Whacking Day (err..uhhhh.. did you bring the pre-wacked snakes?) is a motorcycle guy and he found a Fail Of The.... well, it might be Ever.

First, he quotes the thread starter from a blog devoted to the Suzuki GSXR
My bike was running like crap on my way home from work so I stopped at a gas station to get some NOS. I poured in 2 bottles and rode it home. Well I don’t think it helped because it ran even worse on the way home and now it won’t start. Any ideas?

NOS isn't nitrous, it's a gasoline additive they have in Australia. So the guy poured two bottles of gasoline additive into his tanks, I gather it's made up of mostly kerosene. As Tex and a few commenters on the bike thread note, one bottle treats like 15 gallons, he added two to a 3 gallon tank.
"Well, that's Fail, but the most Fail ever? C'mon Veeshir". you say? (probably with more cursing, you guys are a foul-mouthed lot)

Tex quotes a guy from the thread
unless you used the NOS energy drink instead of injector cleaner, then you’ve really done it…

Oh noes! He poured two, 22 fl oz (pictured) bottles of 'Red Bull' into his Suzuki GSXR750.
That's two bottles of caffeinated sugar into his high-performance bike. 
And then, blared it to the world.
On a thread full of devotees of the Suzuki GSXR.

I'm not sure if he could have failed any more.

UPDATE: I was wrong, he could fail more as Jeff notes, quote
The best part? His avatar on the forum is a picture of a bottle of NOS... the energy drink.

As conservativeinthecity notices
Pretty sure the avatar change was AFTER he became a forum legend.
Oh well, it was too good to be true.

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