December 28, 2009

How to get criminals to leave in a hurry

Once again, a law-abiding gun-owner uses his gun to protect himself and his belongings.  This time, it's especially fun, because the law-abiding gun-owner happens to be in his 80's.  Damn that 2nd ammendment, letting senior citizens protect themselves from criminals ...

An 81-year-old veteran pulled out a gun and turned the table on a pair of robbers, Sacramento police said.

Police said Howard "Buck" Buckner fell victim to a common ploy that robbers use in an attempt to get inside of a home.

The robbers faked an emergency, claiming their car had broken down and that they needed to use a phone.

But when Buckner turned to get a phone, the robbers attacked, police said.

"So he stepped inside, pulled out a gun and said, 'Turn off the light and back up. This is a robbery!'" Buckner said.

Buckner said the robbers paraded him through his Hollyhurst Way home at gunpoint in a search for his wallet.

"He kept saying he was going to pistol-whip me if I didn't find that wallet," Buckner said.

When Buckner could not find his wallet in the kitchen, they took him to his bedroom and left to continue searching the house.

Buckner picked his gun and sought to defend himself.

"I just reached in and grabbed my gun," Buckner said. "I hadn't fired it since 1960."

He wasn't sure if the gun would go off, but it didn't let him down.

"I pulled that trigger, and it worked," Buckner said.

He fired three shots from his bedroom, scaring off the robbers.

"They left," he said. "They left in a hurry."


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