June 30, 2009

How About A Nice Tall Glass Of Shut The Fuck Up?

Yes, Mark Tapscott, I'm talking to you.

Sorry, folks, but, as much as I agree this bill is a disaster for America, calling these eight RINOs "traitors" is beyond the line. Here's why: The word "traitor" has specific reference to national loyalty. Benedict Arnold was a traitor, as were spies like John Walker, Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, and Aldrich Hazen Ames. The traditional penalty for treason is death, though in recent decades that sentence has been all but forgotten in the U.S., though not in other nations.

When somebody promises you they will take a certain course of action not involving national loyalty, but then does another, they are a rat, a double-crosser, or a jerk, but they are not a traitor because national security is not jeopardized by their failure to do what they promised to do. The Obama-Waxman-Markey bill will certainly burden the U.S. economy, but it won't destroy it. Thus, referring to the eight GOP members who voted for the bill is unjustified.

But isn't "cap and traitor" simply an acceptable rhetorical device whereas "General Betrayus" is self-evidently character assassination? "Rules for Radicals" author Saul Alinsky, President Obama's inspiration, would see both terms as illustrations of his principle of isolating opponents, discrediting them and making them objects of disgust, hatred and villification.

First of all, Mr. Pack A Day Smoker Of Cock*, you make the false comparison between when Code Pink and KOS used the "General Betrayus" ads and our attacks on the eight RINOs who helped push Cap & Trade over the finish line. Only problem? Code Pink has never been on the side of the military and the Generals they attacked, while we are lashing out at people who ostensibly should be on our side. We are just trying to keep our side in check, while Code Pink's sole intent was to heckle and humiliate a proud warrior.

Secondly, we have not taken out full page ads in newspapers before the vote even took place attacking wavering RINOs like the shitfucks on the left did before Petraeus even spoke before Congress. We lobbied our representatives. We called and emailed them. They ignored us, so fuck them and anybody who defends them.

Thirdly, Dudley Dipshit, who cares if we are discrediting our ELECTED FUCKING REPRESENTATIVES who we send to Congress to do what we ask them to do, and FUCKING HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR FUCKING VOTES? THAT'S THE WHOLE FUCKING POINT OF A REPRESENTATIVE REPUBLIC! We lobbied our representatives. We called and emailed them. They ignored us, so fuck them and anybody who defends them. And we can do WHAT THE FUCK WE WANT TO THEM BY VIRTUE OF OUR VOTES AND DONATIONS. WE HAVE THE POWER OVER THEM, NOT THEM OVER US. Maybe they, and you, need a wake up call.

Finally, fuck you, you arrogant, elitist, BELTWAY, COCKTAIL PARTY ASSFISH. That's why. We deserve the right to express our views however we wish, and if you don't like it, I think you know what I think of your options over this matter.

Thank you, and have a pleasant evening.

*I read that insult elsewhere. I like it, but cannot claim ownership.

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