January 14, 2009

Hilarious request

The DNC protests - the gift that keeps on giving.

I shot some video with my point-and-shoot camera during the DNC protests (link for the three people who I haven't already pimped those pictures to) and posted it on YouTube. I got a message through YouTube today in response to this video:

I'm Kristofer Goldsmith
I'm Kris, a member of IVAW whom you've got a video of posted on your youtube channel. I'd like to request that you remove it from the internet, because I find it to be incomplete, out of context, and legally damaging to me the way that it is posted. Thank you.

-Kristofer Goldsmith
Since I believe our shoe-dominatrix holds a law degree, and I know Gabriel pops over here from time to time too, would they care to offer a legal opinion?  Would anyone care to speculate as to how long it takes before YouTube pulls the video?  Or make any other observations regarding this video?  I don't really feel that it's incomplete or out of context, but it could just be me.  I'm thinking my answer is already decided, but if everyone here thinks I'm wrong to have posted that video it might just change my mind.

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