December 20, 2009

Hey Political Elitists

Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you up your self important asses with a Heretic's Fork strapped to the end of an STD infected elephant's dick. Fuck you for ignoring the American people's collective voice in opposition to Obamacare. Fuck you for abandoning principles and printing money we don't have in order to secure more pork for your states. Fuck you for crippling medical innovation and research, all while reducing care for those who need it the most. Fuck you with the new tax code for what you want to make us pay for this in taxes. And fuck you in general for this flotsam and jetsam from the fuselage from the flying fuckplane of FAIL.

I know many of you flounder fondlers and fuckflappers have stated that you would rather lose your seats than see Obamacare not pass. I know many of you would rather win a Profile in Courage award or a mention in a history book than stop this ruinous legislation. And I know that many of you feel that you know better than us, and that we are just some uneducated rubes who will just accept whatever you force upon us.

Well, you know what? Do it! I fucking dare you. I fucking dare you to run in 2010 on this. Go ahead and hit the campaign trail next year in defense of this bill . Hit the trail saying this bill and cap & trade are for our own good, and that we should be thankful to you. Go ahead and try whatever tactics you will try. Go ahead, because you will fail. You will get defeated and sent to those lobbying jobs promised to you. And you will be in the minority as we try to undo the damage you fucking fuckity fucks of fuck forced jail house style upon this country.

So fuck off, political ruling class. Fuck off with the mop Obama wants us to grab.

****UPDATE**** Not that it'll matter to anybody but us, but Nelson will have violated his no tax pledge by supporting this bill.

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