December 22, 2009

Hey Harry! Here's Some Civility For You!

Give Harry Reid credit for being brazen. After the shit he pulled to secure 60 votes on Obamacare, you have to give him credit for asking us for civility.

“I would hope that everyone would go back to their gentlemanly ways,” Harry Reid said this morning. â€œLet's just all try to get along,” he added, invoking the words of Rodney King during the ’92 LA riots.  

Hey Harry! I have your civility below the fold.

Fuck you! How about that, pal? How's that for civility?  Fuck you with a jet fueled rocket pack of goatse, pain, and hurt! Fuck you for what you did to the US Economy and my family's ability to get potentially life saving treatment down the road. Fuck you for using my wallet as a printing press to buy off votes. Fuck you for calling those of us who opposed you racists and klansmen. And fuck you for being you.

At this point, I am so not wanting to do anything to you but see you defeated and humiliated.Taste what is coming your way, Assfister McAssfister

Oh, and Merry Fucking Christmas, Senator. I hope you get a flaming bag of dogshit soaked in FAIL in your stocking.

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