November 30, 2009

Hey 52%: How's FAIL Taste?

As polling gets worse and worse for those smug assholes who bragged about being part of the 52% that elected Barack Obama (link goes to a twitter page of a guy who links KOS), as people are starting to view private health care more positively, as more and more of the world mocks the guy, and even the Leg Tingler is starting to get tough on him, I have a message for the O-bots:

Fuck you, you fucking fucking bags of fucking FAIL mixed with assholia. Fuck you with a cinquedea that is soaked in the henipaviruses and has been laying at the bottom of Lake FAIL for five fucking centuries. Fuck you for pushing this empty suit upon the rest of us, and fuck you for shilling for this fool. Fuck you for what he has done, and still can do to this country. And just fuck you in general, because I fucking hate hippies.

How the fuck does it fucking feel now, 52%ers? How the fuck do you feel, knowing that the man who was the Ultimate Projection of your hopes, dreams, and fantasies is failing so badly, no matter what happens with Obamacare, Crap & Trade, or international idiocy, he, your party, and your ideologies are set to suffer massive setbacks next year? How the fuck do you feel, seeing your once in a generation opportunity to fuck our country up the ass with the rubber glove of socialism come down to this bitter and tight of a fight, even with the majorities you enjoy? It sucks, doesn't it?

Oh, and don't fucking expect any sympathy from me. You Dukes of Dickbaggery did this to yourselves. You put this inexperienced smooth talker with some very shady associates in front of us, used a willing media, and sold him to enough people to get him elected. You sold this "clean, articulate" African American to the masses, and he has done nothing but fuck them through their eyesockets with his socialism and incompetence since then. And now that the masses are starting to see what Obama is all about, the collapse and schadenfreude are as tasty as my mom's pumpkin pie. You had your chance, and now that it is slipping away from you, and the crowd supporting your hero is dwindling, you don't know what to do, other than pout and cry.

But I know what to do. I will fucking laugh my ass off at you. I will vote to throw your party out of power. And I will remind you that you could have nominated somebody who at least had a clue. Somebody who wouldn't have made Jimmy Carter or the Republicans look like a wise choice and a political juggernaut. Somebody who had some political skills extending beyond the Chicago Way. And I will remind you that you didn't do that. I will remind you that you wanted to win so bad that you were willing to elevate the Ultimate Projection of your wishes, desires and payback for the "sins" of our past. You got your wish, and he has failed. He has failed so gloriously, he may make the Republicans the majority party again. And that must burn you.

So, 52%, you want a redo? Well, you aren't going to fucking get it. Better get ready for what is in store for you, and it will be as pretty as a Rosie O'Donnell-Margaret Cho "home video".

Oh well. Fuck you 52%. You deserve nothing but scorn. Now get the fuck out of here, and let us 48%ers get busy saving the country.

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