February 07, 2008

Here is An Opportunity for Conservatives

Here is an opportunity for conservatives, particularly those concerned about illegal immigration, Hazleton mayor Lou Barletta is running for Congress in the 11th District in Pennsylvania.  Barletta is known for pushing for a series of tough laws cracking down on businesses and landlords who aid illegals, the city is now facing a tough fight in the courts to uphold those laws. 

For those of us who can't bring themselves to vote for McCain, this is the kind of project we can promote and support, and should, if we aren't gonna devote ourselves to promoting a presidential candidate this year.  We can still fight and win without compromising on principles.

His opponent is a very well entrenched Democrat, and was one of the few who actually made a gain by winning a seat during Reagan's 49 state blowout.  Its generally considered a safe seat, let's see if we can change that. Even if we can't take the seat, maybe we can force the Democrats hand and force them to drop resources on a seat they thought they had a lock on.  They might win big this year, but we shouldn't make it easy for them.

He's only announced today (primaries are late April here, so its not late), so his machinery isn't together yet, but its pretty obvious he's gonna be relying heavily on grassroots support from conservatives.  I'll have updates as he gets things in gear.

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