July 31, 2009

Hebrew (COCK)Hammertime

Yeah, I've seen these pictures but haven't had a more constructive response than, "someone should cut the achilles tendons of everyone involved, have horses brutally rape them for a few months and then feed them to pigs alive."

Plebian presented me a far more constructive alternative:

Exit Question: Should I have put the Star of David on the cock? I thought that might be sacrilegious even though I thought it would present the idea of the great Jewish people skull-fucking one of the most useless human beings that has ever swung left when her mom's leg was right.

Remember when I went on about how fucking talentless and useless the Coug was? Well, he's fucking Luciano Ludwig Van Einstein Mozart compared to this fat, obnoxious bitch.

Let me tell you a story.

I'm a Bears fan. Back in ought four they made the playoffs only to be embarrassingly defeated by, in essence, an expansion team including the most awesomely awesome moment where the first play from scrimmage by that team ended in a touchdown.

Now, like I said. I'm a Bears fan.
Superfans 1

Needless to say, I took it pretty seriously. I went out and consumed, at the very LEAST, half a bottle of gin on my way to a coma. If I had been in Florida I'd have made national news.

Aaaaanyway, I woke up with a burn on my leg about the size of business card. I'm not talking red skin. This was easily a third degree burn that went all the way through the skin and down into the flesh. No idea where it came from.

Fast forward a few weeks. Finally, after tons of washing and care the wound had scabbed over and looked like it was starting to heal.


I'll spare you the details but it wasn't until April until the wound was what I'd call fully healed. Still, I have a VERY impressive scar on my leg.

Now, why did I tell this seemingly unrelated, disgusting story?

Because Roseanne Bar reminds me of this puss-filled, crater in my leg. I have no idea where she came from. She's obviously the product of alcohol, she's disgusting, useless, painful to look at and won't. fucking. go away. No matter how many times she gets scraped off the surface, she just fucking festers some more until she's threatening to make you vomit. Oh, and my leg wound had about 49% more talent and sense than her.

To this day, I can make a little joke about my leg and people will laugh. On the other hand, nothing that Roseanne Barr has ever done has made people laugh.

I hope she gets terrible cancer and the only doctor that can treat her is Jewish and he just shows her the goddamned pictures and lets her fucking rot to death, alone fat and fucking soulless.

Burn in hell, ass fucker.

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