May 28, 2009

"He Better Watch What He Says"


We don't make those decisions. Ok?," said White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs. "Chrysler makes those decisions. So I am sure you can send Chrysler the address of the blog that you refer to. ... We're not involved in making those decisions I would think your question would be appropriately dealt with by the company that is."

No, fuck you.

I don't know about the rest of you morons but I'm about fully fucking fed up with being talked down to by this administration.  Beyond the fact that we have it on pretty good authority that Chrysler isn't making any fucking decisions anymore, how does he get off being so flippant and dismissive?  Rumsfeld* was crucified for being half this much of a tool to the media. 

Due to this rote denial, I'm going to use my handy statistical machine to determine that there is a 100% chance they did politically aim the closings at Chrysler.  See, that's the percentage of denials made by the Obama Administration that have turned out to be solid lies. 

Fuck you.  Fucking.  Cocksuckers.

* - I loved him.  I still love him.  I want Cheney and Rumsfeld to be Emporer and Supreme Commander.

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