June 28, 2010

Hawkins to Frum: Here is why you cannot haz

So The Twat, in his commentary on Weigel, was crying about the fact that he was denied access to the Conservative Blogads Cloud by Hawkins.  He says,

You may say: Well who cares what John Hawkins think? Reasonable point – except that Hawkins is the person entrusted by Google to determine who may join the conservative blogads cloud. (Disclosure: He decided that FrumForum could not participate. We no longer qualified as conservatives because we had criticized other conservatives, particularly Rush Limbaugh.)

The cloud is basically where, if you're promoting conservative sites or wares, or want to promote your goods or services to that audience, you can try and become a part of that package of advertisers through Blogads, and sites can choose an ad package that reflects their content. 

Hawkins administers that cloud, and knew he was going to have to respond to this at some point, and does so effectively here.  Note the, "this may become a story at some point"-type threat from The Twat and his spokesdouche.  John's response was great, as is the whole post, that must have been awesome to smack Frum like that directly.

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