March 27, 2008

hawk eats family pet

Okay, I know I'm horrible for laughing at this, but I can't stand little yappy dogs.  The family left the critter at a kennel while they were on vacation, one of the handlers went to check on the dog, and it was gone.  Their walls and fences are solid, so the kennel operators think the only thing it could have been was a local hawk.
Yeah, look, in my defense, I was really hungry...

 I love this,

"I don't doubt it because we are in Florida," the dog's owner, Deanne Gusler, said. "But in my opinion, if they know there is a chance a hawk will swoop down and get my dog, they need to be down there watching her."

What, so there will be witnesses next time?  Because they aren't even going to get a chance to react before that thing is gone.  Does she realize how friggin' fast hawks move?   I had the opportunity to see one take a bluejay once.  All I saw was a flash until it hit the jay, and even then I only got a brief look at the hawk, feathers were flying, the jay was letting off some horrible screech, and that was only for like two seconds. The jay went silent, then the hawk flew off with his meal, fast

Birds of prey really are amazing to watch.  It's one thing to see them on nature shows, but its another thing entirely to see one swoop and take prey in person. 

Fortunately for the dogs, the kennel operators are smarter than the owner, and are putting up some fencing along the top of the pens to ward off hawks...poor hawks, no more overfed yappy housepets to snack on.

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