July 29, 2008

Hate crime!

Have you seen the funny new Snickers ad featuring Mr. T? No, of course you haven't. Because before it ever aired here in the U.S., it was deemed offensive to gay guys:

The latest advert, first shown in Britain on July 13, never aired on American television, but prompted a flood of complaints from the US claiming it was offensive to homosexuals.

During the advert, Mr T, who played B.A. Baracus in the 1980s series The A-Team, pulls up in a large truck next to a speed walker and shouts: "Speed walking. I pity you fool. You are a disgrace to the man race. It's time to run like a real man."

He then fires Snickers bars at the man until he breaks into a sprint.

Thanks to the magic of the Internets (which is, ironically, probably how I would guess the OUTRAGE! was generated before it was ever shown on television), you can judge for yourself:

Okay, so the dude's speed walking is kind of prissy and effeminate, but all speed walking is pretty much prissy and effeminate, isn't it? It's just the nature of the, uh, "sport."

As for the "get some nuts" line, [insert tasteless joke here].

(Via Allahpundit)

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