January 31, 2010

Good Riddance?

At least some of the noisier Japanese want us gone.
My question, do we need to stay in Okinawa?
We have bases in South Korea and Taiwan in that region. They need us, Japan doesn't.

Japan can defend themselves and nobody really wants to invade them anyway. The original reason we stayed was because we didn't trust the Japanese, but these days they are too into fucking robots, marrying cartoon characters and generally leading the world in "weird and creepy" to want to invade anybody else. They mostly want the world to leave them alone except to buy their stuff.
Their biggest threat is the poofy-haired maniac lobbing missiles, and we have cruisers and whatnot for that and they can field their missile defense. They're probably helping us and the Israelis build the systems anyway.

It seems to me there's no reason not to be out of western Europe and Japan. They don't need us and those bases cost us money. We can keep those soldiers in places where they're needed.

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