April 30, 2008

fred now campaigning for mccain

McCain is going to need that help.  What might help McCain even more is if he took a cue from Fred and got into a good habit of not throwing rhetorical grenades at the conservative activist base. 

This is something that McCain needs to learn if the Democrats get their shit together enough to give him a fight, or he'll get his ass handed to him.  Look at how absolutely hated McCain is in the dextrosphere at large.  For every RWS there is, I'm guessing there are thousands of people(tens of thousands?) who despise him, and are at the very least unenthusiastic about him. 

Most people in the dextrosphere aren't for McCain, they're strongly opposed to Obama or Hillary.  The problem is that a lot of the people that are pissed off or unenthusiastic about McCain are low to mid-level activists, volunteers, and donors.  To make an analogy, a lot of them are like the NCOs of the GOP's political machine.  They're often the ones who are true believers in conservatism, who work phone banks, work campaigns, knock doors, donate, try and convert others to the cause, and work rallies. 

Every time McCain decides to frag his own side, like he did the NC GOP over their Rev. Wright ad, it pisses off those activists, and makes his already weak campaign even weaker, because he faces yet more abandonment from those activists.  One can simply look at the pitiful amount of fundraising he's doing as proof of this.  I'm guessing he's probably got a weak ground game at this point too, and it will likely remain that way if he doesn't get his shit together and quit pissing off the people he needs to run a successful campaign.

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