January 29, 2010

Fair is fair

Here is O'Keefe's statement about the charges against him.

It appears that a.  there was no wiretapping and b.  he was not trying to bug Sen. Landrieu's office. 

He claims that he was simply trying to confirm whether the phones were acting up (my paraphrase) as Landrieu's office was claiming.  I concur in his opinion that the way he did it was less than optimal.  Any business would have security concerns about access to parts of the office, let alone a Senator's office. 

His points about the media reporting on this are well put as well.

I still think what he did was stupid but apparently it was less dumb than previously reported.  Why do I think it was stupid?  Because it should have been obvious that someone was going to call the cops on their asses.  Look, I have as little sympathy for him as I do for any journalist who is breaking the law to get an undercover story and then gets caught.  Hey, you take the risk, you pay the price. 

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