December 31, 2007

Environmentalists Win Another Battle in The War For Attention

I'm starting to wonder if these clowns do this for the attention and affirmation more than anything.  Now, when you read this article, you see they're doing LEDs for the New Year's Eve Ball at Times Square.  LEDs, objectively speaking, are awesome, they're efficient and super bright.  You may remember LEDs from earlier in the year when those two hippies ("that's not a hair question") were doing ads for Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

The problem isn't the LED lights themselves, its going to be the annoying flogging of the teachable moment that's going to the problem.  Seriously, they can't let it friggin' rest,  they try and use Christmas as a teachable moment, and now its going to be the New Year celebration.  Oh, and lemme remind you the damage they're doing to brewers.  So its not just your champagne buzz they're working on killing...

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