February 25, 2009


The NYT declared them the greatest thing next to the way Barack Obama looks into their eyes and smiles when they first wake up in the morning.  The Soviet of Seattle bought a fleet of them to promote green energy.  They were an expensive, epic failure, Priuses (Prii?) with an aftermarket plug-in kit.  Leftists and environmentalists everywhere had a collective full body orgasm upon news of these plug-in hybrids.  The company promised 100+ MPG. 


Turns out the kits are about as good at saving fuel on the Prius as that tattered TypeR sticker on the side of some teenager's shitty Honda tuner is at making it go faster.  The Prii have been getting an average 51 MPGs, while the smug pollution skyrocketed in the city.  Hell, they could have bought a few used Honda Insights and done better, and not had to deal with the bullshit of plugging them in.

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