December 21, 2007

End Game

My first exposure to Mike Huckabee was after he performed well at a debate, and my second was that proof that he was a no good Nanny Stater, and wanted to impose Nanny smoking bans.  Over the next few weeks, as the Huckaboom started, I learned that the Nanny Stating was just the tip of the iceberg.  As it turns out, the guy is a Democrat with a Bible and Rifle.

Now we have Mitt declaring he's gonna impose a Nanny Regime on Violent or explicit games.  Sorry, Mitt, you were my second choice if Fred didn't win, but at this stage, I'm ready to stay home if its not Fred.   A comment I made earlier, but I like it, so I'm using it....

I said it before, and I’ll say it again, Mitt is the candidate of the surburbanite and soccer mom. He’s got all the sensibilities of the suburbanite, not a strong war on terror guy, definitely pro-business, and has a suburbanite sensibility with liberties.

Seriously, gun bans, demonizing video game developers? This is the kind of crap that appeals to spastic suburban housefraus sent into panics by breathless alarmist media telling them their precious little snowflake is gonna get mowed down by the weirdo goth kid at the school. Its complete and utter demagoguery.

I've seriously had enough of the RINOs in the GOP.

Oh, and another thing, way to alienate younger voters, genius!  We have enough of a problem getting voters my age already!

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