August 30, 2008

Downer for Dumpster Muffin, WIN for me

In honor of my Alma Mater's opening football game against Michigan State, I bring you the following update (from Wednesday, so it's a little old) on the stupid, smelly hippies who have been blocking Cal's attempt to build a new training facility:

A judge lifted the order blocking the University of California at Berkeley from beginning construction on a planned athletic facility next to Cal's football stadium yesterday, thus clearing the way for treeborne hippies protesting the removal of the trees to immediately begin their search for new housing. Dumpster Muffin, thy name is sadness.

It would be easy to get all Eric Cartman on the dedicated freaks who, beginning on December 1, 2006, have sat, slept, lounged naked, and screamed at police from the trees. You must admire some things about their effort, though: it was consistent (constant occupancy), stylish (one of the sitters calls herself "Dumpster Muffin,") and quasi-successful in that it put off the construction of the facility for nearly two years. Consistent, stylish, and quasi-successful would not be the words I normally associate with the word "hippie," so at the least the whole exercise has been a loopy but effective exercise in rebranding for Team Hippie. (Those three original words, by the way, are "lice," "marijuana," and "naked.")

Let's hope the next few days involve a lot of tears (from tear gas as well as sadness over their FAIL) and cracked hippie skulls. Because the word I like most to associate with hippies is "whomping."

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