July 16, 2007

doubleplusundead: Sommolier of Fine Moonbattery

Hmmm...what to say about this HuffPo piece?  Oh, I know!


Ah, its great, a must read for aficionados of fine moonbattery. 

A sample:

I recommend you start stocking up on medicine, food, gallons of water, toilet paper, reading material, Potassium Nitrate, Charcoal powder, and Sulfur. Because soon you will notice that things will start drying up from lack of interstate commerce, shortly after the upcoming Terrah-ist Attack on the NewNited States of Murka.

Delightful, yes?  Notice the tinfoil, fruity and nutty hints?  And a unique flair, the use of Terrah-ist instead of the more common Turrist, as well as Murka instead of Merca, Murca, or Amerca.

And today the Justice Department (a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Fourth Black Branch of Shadow Government) paved the way for the impending declaration of Martial Law in the wake of said Attack, as provided for in Son of the Patriot Act and the Military Sins of Commission Act, both passed last year.

Those "laws" make it painfully clear that the Executing Branch of Government can order FEMA and the Military to round up anyone who threatens the New American Century People (formerly known as US) and throw them in one of the 13 new Federal prisons built to house dissenters. Alls it takes is one big friggin' disaster (like a Katrina or a 9/11) and the POTUS can jail us.

All the right notes one expects from a paranoid moonbat rant.  Fear of Bush declaring martial law, the secret prison camps and a dictatorial shadow government on the verge of seizing power.  I'll leave you to discover the charm of this fine moonbat rant.  Not much else can be said, be sure to try this fine vintage from the Huffington Post's Eric Malone.

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