July 25, 2008

Don Young delivers

...some EPIC FAIL

What did our corrupt pork fiend do this time?  Don Young has been running an ad claiming that he has the endorsement of Taxpayers for Common Sense, a group that attacks wasteful government spending.  Young even boasts in the ad that he received an award from them.  Indeed, Don Young did receive an "award" from Taxpayers for Common Sense, their Golden Fleece Award, which is granted to those who are extraordinarily wasteful spenders, for Young's infamous Bridge to Nowhere pork project.  I think it's safe to say, Taxpayers for Common Sense didn't endorse Don Young, nor will they.

Soren Dayton makes note of Young's opponent Sean Parnell. Vintage has boosted him here in the past, so it's my turn.  If you've got a little spare change to throw Sean Parnell's way, his campaign is also a worthy cause for conservatives to consider supporting.

(h/t CB, who has a good post on a big lapse in judgment from Haley Barbour)

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