January 04, 2008

Solved Mysteries

You know, I've noticed over the past year or two that there has been a change in the dextrosphere.  I remember just a year or two ago, going to this site and enjoying the posts there, I remember the site getting linked regularly.  But honestly, I can't remember the last time I've actually seen someone link Wizbang! 

I know Kevin doesn't post there as much, but I've always thought many of the writers were good, and Jay Tea in particular I like (particularly when he skewered our MN GOP plagiarist Michael Barrett, heh).  But unless you count the Blog Awards, I can't really think of the last time I've seen Wizbang! linked, with the exception of Ace's fight with Paul a year or so ago. 

I put Wizbang! on my blogroll after my after my run-in with Michael Barrett of the Minnesota GOP.  Jay Tea butchered the guy pretty badly, I liked Jay Tea before, but I felt like that piece was a confirmation of what I liked about the guy.  I like to go through all the sites on my blogroll on occasion to see what's up, and to see what's going on there.  Sometimes I drop a comment or two. 

Which is what I did at Wizbang.  Didn't go over so well, what I've learned is that at Wizbang!, a conservative who disagrees with the contributors there will be treated significantly worse than the lefty trolls who inhabit their comments.  I've learned why people quit going to Wizbang!  Below the jump!

This is DJ Drummond, co-blogger at Wizbang!, a well known blog.

(note: Drummond is referring to the 2008 GOP candidates)... But none of these men rises to the level of George W. Bush, let alone Ronald W. Reagan. It's disingenuous for any of them to even pretend so.

Be sure you read the rest my post, son!

DJ Drummond is a very, very simple powertripping little man with thin skin and an easily bruised ego.  Watch what happens when a humble conservative commenter and Ace of Spades Spinoff Moronblogger challenges a point in Drummond's  post...


DJ gets angry, and a begins questioning the commenters sanity.



His ego bruised, and unable to find an easy out that the average lefty troll offers, Drummond gets angry, and starts shooting his mouth off wildly...


Are you questionin' mah authority on mah blahg boy?

doubleplusundead responds quickly, only to find Drummond has edited his comments, a treatment usually only reserved for lefty trolls and aggressive RonBots. 



Lacking any substantive arguments, Drummond again resorts to desperate ad hominems and knocking down strawmen, an argument ensues...




That's right, mess with me boy, and I'll edit yer post.

doubleplusundead attempts to note the Kos-like thought policing from Drummond, only to have the whiny Internet Bossman edit more of his posts and set up and knock down yet more strawmen...



Conservative Belle, another blogger and commenter argues on behalf of doubleplusundead...



I bring the pain, baby!


Drummond, unable to assemble a coherent argument against a conservative with a differing point of view, decides to start deleting posts.


That's right, I exude power, baby! *cracks knuckles*  Ow, Ow Ow!!!

The Hostages, a notorious gang of Ace of Spades morons, bloggers, and commenters join in the fray, Drummond, unable to cope with his authority being challenged, begins frantically deleting and editing posts, ending with his locking of the thread...















Respect my authority!

There is a thread available here on doubleplusundead for commenting, but there is no reward available, Other than the satisfaction of kicking around a chump on a powertrip who needs to be taken down a notch because the Mystery has been Solved.  The reason Wizbang! never gets linked is because of douchebags like DJ Drummond, no one else in the dextrosphere is as obnoxious and powertrippy as Mr. Drummond.

UpdateMesablue has a good post up, and has decided to remove Wizbang! from his blogroll, I think I will do the same, I hate to do it because as mesa correctly notes, there are some good bloggers over there, many who I do respect, and Wizbang! was a great site, but until Drummond receives a proper dressing down, I think will be removing Wizbang! from my blogroll, and will advise people to not link Wizbang! or keep it on their blogroll.

--UPDATE:  Mesa seems to be burying the hatchet, but I'm not ready to do the same, given that I've yet to see either an apology or dressing down of Drummond, or even received a comment other than an acknowledgment of my existence from Kevin in a brief email. 

--UPDATE:  Jay Tea brought up a fair point at mesa's, that its between me, The Hostages, and Drummond.  Fair enough, and I garner no ill will toward the rest of the Wizbang! crew for this problem.

However, I would note that the statement is not entirely true, only takes one belligerent dick of a contributor to spoil the whole site, people will go to other sites that don't include dickheads like DJ Drummond, just to avoid dickheads like Drummond.  So in truth, its not just between me and Drummond, because it can negatively impact Wizbang!s readership, which in turn effects the other contributors.  And from what I've seen, there's a fair number of people who'd agree with me.

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