December 20, 2007

Dept. of Education Civil Rights Office Dismisses Anti-Semitic Activities at UC Irvine

The pro-Israel group complained to the office, stating Muslims and others at UC Irvine have been delivering anti-semitic literature, handing out anti-semitic pamphlets and acting aggressively towards Jewish students. 

Beyond that, someone destroyed a Holocaust memorial, swastikas had been put up in several places, one student was attacked, another had a rock thrown at them, and verbal abuse has been common. 

The Office stated that there were some anti-semitic activities done by Muslim students, but for the most part, they were protests against Israel, not Jews specifically, yeah, well we know all about "anti-Zionism."
(thanks to Zombie)

I have a general rule, if you see a person or group or movement acting increasingly hostile, engaging in demagoguery against and scapegoating Jews, its a poisonous movement, and it should be avoided or opposed.

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