August 26, 2010

Dear NRSC, RNC, et al...

Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you.

Megarobofuck you with a fucking rancid rotopeeler lingering in rusty fuckjuices so hard you would be begging to get your colon peeled sideways for fucking meddling in yet another Republican Primary, and for yet again siding with the wrong fucking candidate to boot. Fuck you for once again siding with a RINO hack from a red state over a guy who actually, Gaia fucking forbid, would be better for Alaska and America than the latest from a long line of crooked family shitbums. And triple fuck you with a side order of fuckloaded hate sauce for trying to tell us that you know better than the fucking voters.

Seriously, you fuck what the fuck fuck fuckity fuck is your fucking problem? Do you not fucking realize that your assholery, stupidity, and chasing of the porkulance as if it were a clean hooker fresh off the boats is what got us into the minority? And you want to continue those fucking ways by continuing to support people such as Murkowski, Bennet, Crist, Specter, Dede, and any other RINO I failed to recall because tehre have been too fucking many of them? If so, then fuck you.

This is the fucking reason I no longer contribute to you, preferring to send my money directly to candidates and PACs of which I approve. I can no longer trust you because I know that you will fucking do this sort of shit with my fucking money, and then criticize me for questioning you. And I can no longer trust that you will hire competent staffers or campaign managers, since you have proven that you prefer spending my money on titty bars, underage House pages, and whatever else you waste time and money on when you should be FUCKING ADVANCING A CONSERVATIVE AGENDA.

So, GOP leaders, the next time I get a fundraising letter from you, You can take that letter, and you stuff it in your hooker's musky fuckpouch. People such as you don’t have the fucking courage to stand up for true ideas instead of just staying in office. And you fucking know it. And you fucking hate me for my refusal to play your game. So fuck you. Fuck you for your arrogance born out of incompetence. Fuck you for ruining my movement and telling me I should know better. And gigafuck you with a flying fucklaser until you realize that we are the power, not you.

Get fucked, GOP leaders. And get the fuck out of the way so that those of us who want something better than you can have a chance to save the country. And if you don't, this is your employment fate:




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