March 21, 2010

David Frum is super scary-smart

I won't bother linking it since I don't feel like driving traffic his way, but The Twat took a break from polishing his boyfriend Barry's knob  today to write a column about how Obamacare is a disaster.  For America?  For freedom? 

Nope.  For conservatives and the GOP because (shocka!) we didn't compromise enough for his liking with Teh Won.

And he titled it "Waterloo."

Yes, really.

Oh, and talk radio and Sarah Palin and Fox News are all terrible, too, according to this fraud, so we should all turn away from them and, well, elect people like The Twat, I guess.

My response?

Fuck you, you fucking Twat.  Fuck you right up the ass with the Statue of Liberty's torch.  Fuck you with the spire on top of Independence Hall.  Why don't you fuck right on off back to fucking Canada, if you love socialized fucking medicine so much?  The rest of us knuckledragging troglodytes will be here, trying to undo this (literal) abortion while you're translating your pathetic website into French for the fucking douchebags in Montreal. 

Oh, and make sure your stuff doesn't offend any Islamists while doing so.  You might get in trouble.

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