September 18, 2007

Creepy Guy Threatens Former First Lady Barbara Bush

Some hobo who lived under a bridge was logging onto a local college's computers and sending emails threatening former First Lady Barbara Bush

This is seriously creepy, and exactly why we have the Secret Service, to keep an eye on cranks like this.  Here's what the crazy hobo says in his email;

"It is my clear, unequivocal, unabashed desire to place a plastic bag over (Barbara Bush's) head, tape it to her neck, and slowly strangle her to death," read one of the messages, which according to court papers, Dees sent to U.S. Secret Service agent Keith Saunders.

Yikes, glad they caught the guy.  And of course this just makes you cringe.

While nothing in the record suggests Dees ever posed a direct threat to Bush, court papers say he's been arrested several times for allegedly carrying a concealed weapon.

Anyway, the guy was sending these emails to a Democrat congressman in Vermont for some reason.  At his court appearance, he went into a rant, saying that he was being conspired against by the government.  He's being held without bail, thankfully.

*ConservativeBelle pulls an excerpt from his Yahoo! profile in comments, really creepy.

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