September 26, 2007

Conservative Belle Smacks Liberal Douchebag David Shuster in the Mouth

I almost sent her story on Shuster's slimy gotcha game to Ace and Hotair, but didn't for some reason.  Anyway, looks like she sent it to Newsbusters and Ace, and its since gotten picked up by HotAir

So here's what happened in a nutshell, Shuster asks Republican Rep. Blackburn from Tennessee what she knows about a soldier who was killed in Iraq, she didn't know about him, but said she made sure to keep contact with all of those families who have lost family in combat.  Shuster then asks her why she knows about all the crappy things that the MoveOn assclowns are writing and doing, but not the name of an 18 year old soldier killed in her district. 

ConBelle, and I have no idea what the hell made her think to do this, checked into his address. Turns out, the soldier killed lived in another district!  So as if his tactics weren't slimy enough, even his attack was based on false pretenses.  Good job ConBelle, you pwn3d a commentator (and total fucktard) on a major news channel!

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