July 28, 2009

Claire McCaskill And ACORN Once Again Smell The Glove Of FAIL

Yet again, Sen. Claire McCaskill (Doofus-MO) tried to rally her ACORN and Kos Kidz supporters for Obamacare. Yet again, the Tea Partiers made her look like Glass Joe to their Little Mac. Yet again, the Tea Partiers exhausted themselves from all of the ass kicking they did.

McCaskill wanted to control the stage, by having a small crowd of loyalists in a small room. How did that turn out?

They were expecting around 100-150 people... Hundreds showed up.
It was so crowded they were forced to move the meeting down to the cafeteria.


And when the crowd assembled in the cafeteria, how did things go? Let's go to the tape.

I think that speaks for itself.

Oh, and Sen. McCaskill and her ACORN allies, I have a little message for you:

Fuck you. Fuck you over, under, around, and through. And twice on Sunday.

If you and your unemployed dregs of society fucking think that you can fucking take from me the fucking money and health care I fucking earned by busting my fucking ass while you lazy fucks just sat around doing bong hits, you are fucking in for a rough ride, if the last few weeks haven't made that crystal fucking clear enough to you already.

Actually, I fucking pity you dumb fucking bastards. You continue to think that you can fucking go anyfuckingwhere you want and say anyfuckingthing you want without being held accountable? You seriously cannot be that fucking stupid. The Tea Partiers are here to stay, and they will be everyfucking where you will be. Let me repeat in slow motion and in Crayola colors, since I am not fluent in dipshit:


You hold a rally? The Tea Partiers will be there. You hold a town hall? What the fuck do you think tonight was? A fucking mirage? They will be there too. You may yet win, since you still have the media in your corner, but you will have a fucking Thunderdome style fight to the death to get to my fucking money and force me into the same shit ass care that has led Europeans and Canadians who can afford to fly to America for surgery to do so.

Bring it, fucksticks! It's game time!

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