November 20, 2007

Christian Group Pushes To Sue Under Blasphemy Laws

In Britain, there's a group who wants to see a BBC exec and a producer of an opera based on Jerry Springer sued for blasphemy.  Its rare to successfully pursue blasphemy charges in the UK, its only been successfully done three times in 80 years.  Its already been rejected by a lower court, but will be heading to a higher court.

Now, on one level, I realize its stupid, and by all means the suit should be dismissed.  On the other hand, I see shit like this, where the police are threatening TV shows with charges of inciting hatred against muslims for showing incitement of jihad in their own country, where we have insane Muslim clerics saying the most hateful crap imaginable, inciting jihad, or using the threat of violence to stop people from showing the Mohammed cartoons. And I think to myself, why not? 

As Parker and Stone noted in South Park's Cartoon Wars, either everything is fair game, or nothing is, and if it takes Christians or Jews bloodying a few noses(rhetorically speaking) for people to recognize that(and hopefully make the right choice, which Parker and Stone get), maybe its for the best.  There is no shade of gray here, Western society will have to make that choice soon.

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