January 25, 2008

China Catching up With US in Technology Field

Geoff notes, they're doing so quickly, now, admittedly, they'll hit a wall when they actually get to where they have to innovate or create wholly on their own, not just reverse engineer crap the US or other nations have done already, but this is still cause for concern because its a wall they may well get over and then be able to challenge us technologically.

China may pass us in technological achievement if we don't get it together, let's not forget, while China is far off from its Maoist style brutality, its still under the control of a dangerous and dictatorial Communist regime that does oppress and brutalize its own people, and may well have a desire to oppress other people in Asia if the regime gets ambitious or aggro.

Most important, this shows a need to severely rebuild our decrepit education system, and when I call it decrepit, I'm not talking about the facilities, I'm talking about the philosophies and teaching methods currently in use, clearly they need an overhaul and major rethinking.  I also think this also shows we need to work at drawing in more people with tech backgrounds from the rest of the world, and hell, maybe even a few Chinese people who want to get away from that regime.  We've done that for a long time, we were able to pick up a lot of the big brains of western Europe after WWII, we may have to ramp that up, and why I cringe when I hear people talking moratorium on legal immigration.

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