March 31, 2008

california nannies moving to end emissions exemption on older cars

The proposal would effect the central part of the Soviet of California, and would pretty much ban any car from driving that didn't meet current California emissions standards, so you can kiss that restoration project in your garage goodbye.  Basically, the Progressive Politburo of the Soviet of California missed some of their air quality goals, and it sounds like they need to make some kulaks and capitalists pay for their crimes against the State as a result.

So if you live in the Soviet of California, you may want to send your state-level congresscritters a friendly little note suggesting that you'll be very unhappy if you end up having to divert money from said restoration project and toward throwing their worthless Nanny asses out of office because they supported this stupid proposal.  Or you could do the even smarter thing and flee from that Marxist hellhole.

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