September 14, 2007

Bullies Get Smacked Down In Fabulous Fashion

A new freshmen student at a school was harrassed, called gay and had a group of guys threaten to beat him up for wearing a pink shirt.  Two seniors at the school caught wind of the bullying, and quickly set up a campaign online to get everyone at the school to wear pink clothes the next day, passing out pink tank tops and other pink clothes to everyone to wear. 

They got about half the student body to wear the shirts and other pink clothes.  The group who harrassed the new student were pissed, one going so far as to start throwing chairs around in the cafeteria.  The bullies are still mad, but they know that the students are entirely against them.

Honestly, we need to see more of this, most schools are entirely impotent and/or incompetent when it comes to controlling the bullies wandering the halls.  Sadly, many school shootings are triggered or fuelled by bullying or harassment that has gone unpunished or unstopped, which is something I and everyone else at my school learned the hard way(thank God it was a minor one and no one was killed).

The only way that bullying in schools is going to be stopped anytime soon is if students do it themselves, so cheers to the students at Central King's Rural for standing up and doing what's right. 

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