December 26, 2009

Brother Of St. Louis Guy Beaten Up By SEIU Thugs Fired From His County Government Job

Keith Gladney, the brother of Kenneth Gladney, the guy who was beaten up by SEIU thugs back in the summer outside of a townhall in St. Louis County, was fired from his job in the St. Louis County Animal Control Agency. And the best part of this story? He was fired on December 23.

Also, consider some of these facts about the St. Louis County Government and its working relationships with (guess who?)

Is it surprising to learn that the Department of Health (the department that oversees the operations of Keith’s agency) works very closely with SEIU Local 1 on County Health related issues and policies?

And why now?  Of all times?  If they really wanted to punish Keith for his statements in favor of his brother’s case, why wait until now?

Is it a coincidence that this happens hours after the Senate finally got Pres. Obama’s Health Care Scheme passed through the Senate cloture vote and on its way to final ratification?

Could it be that the power structure in the county was waiting for the cloture vote so as to act from a position of political safety with no potential negative repercussions?

By the way, this is the same St. Louis County whose Prosecutor (Bob McCullough) helped form a "Truth Squad" in 2008 to help Obama's campaign by threatening to arrest anybody who "misled" about The Messiah. The same McCullough who has been less than exuberant in prosecuting the beatings. The same McCullough who is one of the longest serving political hacks in the St. Louis area. Coincidence?

If this isn't the epitome of the "Chicago Way" of politics, nothing is.

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