July 31, 2008

Boy, the MSM sure is pushing the "Obamacans" thing

This time, The New York Times gives us a bunch more rock-ribbed (ahem) conservatives who have Seen the Light:

Chuck Lasker, a political blogger and Internet consultant in Indiana, hosted a gathering last week of 20 people he calls “whispering Republicans” — party members like him who support Senator Barack Obama, a Democrat, for president. Over iced tea and brownies, the renegades took turns explaining why they liked Mr. Obama and recalling the strange stares from other Republicans.

“It was sort of like a group therapy session,” said Mr. Lasker, who said he had never voted for a Democrat, for any office, until the Indiana primary in May. “We all wanted to make sure we weren’t a little crazy.”
Um, forgive me for saying this, but you are, in fact, batshit crazy for supporting a socialist jackass like Captain Bullshit. If you're not wild about McCain, how about staying home instead of giving the most important job in the world to a monstrously unqualified empty suit who happens to enjoy hanging around with a bunch of hate-whitey and hate-America whackjobs?

Oh, and am I the only one who's getting tired of the whole "never voted for a Democrat before" thing that seems to be a part of every single one of these stories? It's not like we could check to see if this is true or anything, and it smacks of bullshit. Hey, maybe Obama is the right guy for them, after all.

If you don't feel like reading the whole thing, Chuck Hagel and Eisenhower's granddaughter are given as examples of prominent Republicans who might be or are supporting Obama.  Again.  Doug Kmeic and Lincoln Chafee aren't mentioned, so their phones must have been busy when  the reporter called.

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