February 29, 2008

Blogroll Updates, and Moronosphere Links

Two new names to the roll today, both are AoS Morons.  First Sockless Joe at Alabama in Between, named after the famous James Carville line about the state of PA.  Carville once stated that PA was Philly and Pittsburgh with Alabama in between, just before unhinging his jaw and eating a frozen nutria whole for lunch.  I'm a central PA guy too, so we share that perspective.

The second is Stashiu's Space, some of you may remember Stashiu3 from Teh Squeaky Wheel, his work at Gitmo or have seen him in HA or AoS's comments.  Stashiu3 is just starting out, and I think he'll have some great and unique insight when War on Terror issues come up, particularly involving detainee policy and Gitmo itself.

And just because, Links From Around the Moronosphere!!!!

Cuffy notes that Playboy is coming out with a cologne for men.  My guess is that it is gonna smell like a colostomy bag, musk and failure, but mostly failure

Nice Deb pretty much tacks down why the Hillary campaign collapsed in one phrase.

The Hostages post enormous burgers, which I'm guessing would cost in the billions in Zimbabwe (possibly trillions by the time this gets posted.)

Slublog goofs on terrorist/authoritarian fellating crank and attention whore George Galloway

S. Weasel makes a good point about the fraternal nature of the Senate in the whole OMG BILL CUNNINGHAM SED WHUT AT THE MCCAIN RALLY? freakout this week.

bmac notes a Rockumentary about tribute bands.  Its different because we always see these things about the actual bands, but this is kind of interesting, and not something I would have necessarily been on the lookout for.  Apparently, the movie has had some legal issues or something, because info for it is scarce, but it apparently still plays on Sundance Channel sometimes.

When it comes to goofing on St Andrew, no one does it better than Ace, but the guys at Protein Wisdom aren't gonna let the Moron-in-Chief have that title without a fight.

Oh...weak, Snapped Shot has been put on hiatus due to legal threats from the AP.  I'm gonna have to do a full post later, this needs to go out to the dextrosphere in a big way.

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