November 03, 2009

Better than you

No, surprisingly enough, this is not a post about the GOP, it's about Illinois Nazis.... Democrats.
Chicago aldermen with their noses out of joint Friday demanded to know why they are searched along with the masses at the city's central headquarters for administrative hearings.

"So where's the Nazi part Veeshir? Did you misread this one too?" you ask? (Stop asking so many questions, and it's Mr Veeshir to you)
"It's not a matter of giving anybody any preference. But us that are aldermen -- we are the ones who set your budget. If we're the ones setting your budget maybe we'll take an adjustment" downward, if the policy is not rescinded, Austin warned.

It's not a matter of giving anybody preference, but give them preference or they'll cut your budget.

(By the way, if you're going to be a snotty, superior jackace, use good grammar "But we that are...")

Of course the voters there will never elect Republicans or conservatives because they'll take away Chicagoan's rights or something.

Another Agitator link, if you guys would read him I wouldn't have to steal so much of his stuff.

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