March 28, 2008

best camp ever?

It'll cost you $4,400, and no, it isn't Space Camp, its Porn Camp.  No, I'm not gonna make a judgment on porn or the porn industry, because I really don't want to start the tired -porn is evil!/freeeeedom!- slapfight that has been fought in society since porn has existed.

Said camp is actually more of a seminar for people getting into the porn industry.  The seminar is an attempt to cash in on the rise of youtube type porn sites.  They'll be doing a live shoot, and doing seminars on production and probably most important given the way the new user-generated sites are developing, the legal requirements and record-keeping aspects of the industry.

I wonder if in part this is an attempt by the industry to reign in the user-generated stuff?  I have to think the whole established industry has to be nervous, not just because of the competition, but because if the user-generated stuff ends up in violation of law, they'll likely be on the bad end of a crackdown too, if not face more regulation.

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