July 30, 2007

Beauchamp's Blog Dissection 2.0

I've decided to make an updated version of the Beauchamp Blog dissection.  My first one was sort of slapdash, while useful, was a bit on the sloppy side given that it was a breaking event, and there have been new and interesting findings since. I suggest for those not real familiar with the Beauchamp story to go to Ace of Spades HQ, and Hotair to get familiar with the story.  For the short story, Beauchamp is a soldier who wrote pieces for liberal magazine The New Republic, he wrote about atrocities and misconduct committed while he is serving in Iraq.  These stories have come into question.

 I want to assemble a well organized piece for people to be able to pull up and use.  I will try to credit everyone with what they found, some I've forgotten, but if you know who got it first, you can tell me in comments.  This is gonna be fairly involved, so after the jump.
1.) The first post I want to note is here.  Several people with military backgrounds have speculated that this sounds like aimless work designed to keep a pain in the ass out of people's hair(what little the average soldier is allowed to keep). 

Sunday, January 29, 2006

My Hearts in the Highlands
This weekend was horrible. I worked all weekend, 12 hour shifts. Today was spent mainly in the motor pool attempting to stop and oil leak in a Bradley Fighting Vehicle. Now anyone who knows me should be laughing right now at the mental image of ME working on a military armored vehicle worth hundreds of thousands of dollars when I can barely change the tire of an Escort. But...it did give me time to daydream about poetry...good things happening in that department. Its also been nice to finally talk to people on the phone. If you havent gotten a call from me yet, dont worry, its on the way.
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2.)  The next post is also interesting, while here's little to really tie it in with Beauchamp's accusations leveled at the Army, I think it speaks to how clever he thinks he is, and gives some insight into his personality, and his resentment of military authority.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Out of the well lit wheel
Here I breifly work the stone
Before scuttling back into darkness....

Awoke from a strange dream last night with those lines in my head. At first I thought they were Whitman...but despite all my searching I can't find those lines and I dont know where I remember them from. Maybe they're original. In the dream I was at a military base in suburban Atlanta...more of a highrise building than a base...My brother and sister were babies again and I was taking care of them for some reason, along with another, strange third baby who was under my care for sure but whom I didnt recognize...I went into my room with the kids and it was being searched by a belligerent MP who found a book entitled "Love and Death According to Hammas" by Seinfeld. He held it saying, "What the hell is this?" I answered "Its a comedy book sir, by Seinfeld" Another MP in the corner agreed with me quietly. But I was the only person in the room who knew that the author Seinfeld wasn't the comedian but a Dr. Seinfeld, an anthropologist.* Other things happened as well: a chase, spiral staircase, secret elevator compartments...nothing very specific.... Dont worry, this blog wont turn into a dream journal.
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*The emphasis is mine.

3.)The post itself is benign, but the comment he makes under it makes pretty clear what he thinks the military is about, that the US is an imperial power.

Monday, January 23, 2006

alex bells dead, cold, fingers
If you want to call me on the telly, here's how its done...
first type 011 to make an international call...then 49, which is the country code for Germany...then 151, the area code for cell phones in this city....then 100-68-143, which is the phone number. All together, it looks like this:
Those are also my measurements.

It was a long day today. I'm eating, reading, then hitting the sack.
"Working in the field, yeah you get your back burnt
working neath the wheel, yeah you get your facts learned
Baby I got my facts learned real good right now...."
Army days are long and hard and nothing happens easily.
posted by Scott Thomas at 10:46 AM

gcr said...
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11:25 PM
gcr said...
What do you DO exactly? People ask and I reply with vague generalities as such that it sounds like I'm talking about my college career.

11:26 PM
Scott Thomas said...
Tell them that I shoot, move, communicate, and kill. Much like your college career Glenn, only the deaths that I inflict secure the riches of the empire.*

5:14 AM
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*emphasis mine


4.) Some people think this has meaning, particularly because he later calls NYC Jew York City in one of his social networking site pages(myspace, facebook), but I don't.  In think its just a stupid joke, a reference to Hitler's Aryan ideal, blonde hair, blue eyes and tall.  Nonetheless, I'll post it.

Uber Alles

Train ride to Wurzberg: 11 Euro
Two Steins of Beer: 12 Euro
Having a girlfriend that embodies racial perfection: priceless
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5.)  This one is again, a bit less important, as I can see a regular person saying the same thing (I can't stand the anti-Halloween crowd either), but, when put together with his larger body of work and activities, it does add a bit to the establishment of his antipathy towards conservatives.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

somewhere...theres a place for us....
This coming month is a wierd German holiday a lot like Holoween, only without Conservative Christian counter-protests* or razors in apples. 'Tin is going dressed as a traditional Bavarian bar wench, Jason is oblivious to it, and I think I might go as a cowboy from Broke Back Mountain. Or Goebbles.
My ankle hurts for some reason.
This weekend I HAVE to hit up the Kandinsky exhibit. Maybe I can get a poster to go with the 50 Cent wall hanging that we already own and display proudly. One would assume that the Blue Rider movement would compliment the G-Unit movement well in a dimly lit setting.
I forgot to bring my phone number with me again to post it on here so everyone can complain about how expensive international calls are. I also forgot to bring my address. Meh...maybe later tonight or tomorrow.
posted by Scott Thomas at 1:38 AM

*emphasis mine. 


6.) This has been quoted by some, and I think its worthy of mention.  It can be read as a strong antipathy toward the Army itself, for the Iraq War, and for NCOs and officers. I again think it shows he believes that he's smarter than his NCO's or officers, as they're older, and yet he seems to see them as a bunch of knuckledragging incompetents who would chuck grenades at random, without considering friendly fire.  Also notice he spells tongue wrong.  The comment he leaves is revealing too.

tounge in cheek (and out the other side)
My experience in the Army so far has been a lot like war: long doldrums of boredom intermixed with drunken whirlwind weekends of hanky panky and martini politics...both also lead to anguish and permanent emotional scars. I was invited to participate in the Green to Gold (ROTC) program at SIU-Carbondale, and I started my application packet today. I doubt that I'll get a scholarship due to my lackluster GPA, but at least I'll be coming home and going to school. My goal is to become an incompetent leader that gets fragged by 30 something NCO's at a forward operating base in Sadr City.* Heres to the memories and stardust kid. love, Scott
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The Comment.

Scott Thomas said...
If you really want to support your country and the war effort...in a word, the troops...then you'll die of a heroin overdose if I have a coming home party. If I come home.

4:18 AM

*Emphasis mine

6.) This one shows his antipathy toward the American people, he states that he thinks Americans don't appreciate intelligence.  I think that can be read as, he doesn't think people appreciate his intelligence, because they don't think the same way as he does. 

Saturday, February 18, 2006

My Day off is just that
Americans dont like smart people...at least people who are intelligent just to expand human knowledge.* If youre smart, it better lead to riches. And as for the all american heroes, they're not more intlligent than you...just sexier or faster or in a gang, or, like, really really really good at football. It leaves no hope for those who are pretty useless save their intellect. Sorry AJ. You'll always be MY hero.
Today: went to the library, checked out some new movies, was on the internet FAR too long....listened to Wilco and The Smiths....have to work 24 hr CQ tomorrow night. Damn.
Not much else to say really. Vicar in a TuTu.
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*Emphasis mine.


7.) Somewhere it was reported Beauchamp and a friend of his worked on the Howard Dean presidential run in 2004, which is what he's referencing when he refers to the "Dean Team". 

Monday, February 20, 2006

A well deserved respite after a grueling course in despondency
So yeah, twenty four hour CQ last night. For those who dont know (Glenn), CQ stands for company qarters (or something like that) and the job is basically to be there in case anything bad happens, to help people out, keep people safe, act as representatives of the command when they're not there, etc. The only real event of last night was a fight between two black chicks. It reminded me a lot of how Glenn and I used to communicate when we first met back in the wild wild days of the Dean Team (we ended the season 0-1).
Today I cought up on some sleep, watched the movie "Kinsey", read, wrote, and am now going to have dinner. My roomate is screaming at his laptop. Hes watching One Tree Hill. How many references to Glenn can I have in one blog posting?
posted by Scott Thomas at 8:58 AM

7.) This next part is a part of a comment, I leave out the rest of it because its not worth anything.  Here's the important part. 

Lets not fall into despondency. Or depravity. Depravity is having other people define depravity for you.

It seems to me to show a willingness to forego any standards or morals for one's own pursuits.  Normally, this sort of statement might be viewed as benign, but when combined with all other evidence, it seems to help build a profile.


8.) I'm not sure this is important, but could he be speaking about the same empire as he was on January 23?

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Roma Spelled Backwards - For Audra George
You taught me to spell Roma backwards,
the inevitable perfection of accident,
when you turned your knife to the moon
and, slipping, carved your name into the heart
of all the limbless moments
the faceless hours
spent interpreting the dreams
of your passionate counterpart -
and slipping for that bright instant stumble
upon a shortcut to eternity.
Is it an accident that we scale the walls
and topple the old empire
from the inside out?*
posted by Scott Thomas at 4:55 PM

*emphasis mine


9.) The title of the next post I think again speaks to what he believes the Army fights for, the rest of the post is just about urban combat training.  I doubt many of our armed forces think of themselves as fighting for the government.

Friday, February 24, 2006

make dying for your government worth it


10.) This next post is one that could get him in big trouble, according to several milbloggers.  He wrote about where he would be moving, which is apparently a violation of OPSEC, which I'm assuming is Operational Security.  Of course with Beauchamp, who knows if this is real or a story. 

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

shirting soaking wet, looking like I just got baptised
Another long day...cleaning an M16, landscaping, dipping Pro Masks (gas masks to civilians) into strange concotions, a little bit of office work...basically a hodpodge of menially tasks to keep me busy.
We finally got official dates on Iraq deployment:
May 15 - Our Bradleys get shipped to Kuwaite
June 11- Advanced Units move in
June 28 - Bravo Team, second squad, first platoon, Alpha Company, first battalion, 18th brigade, first infantry division (the breakdown of who I belong to) deploys.
Were probably going to sit in Kuwaite for some unknown amount of time, and then move into Baghdad...the south of the city and the surrounding farmlands (known as the triangle of death. not because americans are getting killed in any large numbers, but because the area has a pretty much even mix of Sunni and Shiite Muslims....and the mosque bombings basically ignited hardcore sectarian fighting, if not a full out civil war). *
I was watching the movie Big Red One (I recommend it to anyone who wants to know the dynamic of guys living together in squalid conditions, rage, horniness, homesickness, and fear) and it occured to me that people might want a breakdown of who I work with.
I'll start with the top dogs:
My Platoon Sgt. is Staff Sgt. Gutierez. I dont know much about him, and he keeps himself relatively aloof from the rest of the Joes in the platoon, usually hanging with other non-comissioned officers. I'm pretty sure he's from Texas, having overheard something about being a Dallas Cowboys fan. When I have had to interact with him, he's been cordial and nice. People towards the top can offord to be.
My squad leader (there are four squads in a Platoon) is Sgt. Jamie. No, not pronounced like the female name, but more the hispanic way, with the "J" sounding like an "H" and the "a" having a short sound. He's from The Bay area and dropped out of UC-Berkeley (sp?) after one year of studing computer science. He's a smaller guy, twenty five years old, married and with a kid on the way. He was suppose to get out of the army in April, but remains in for another year due to stop loss orders. He's seen combat in Samaara.
My bravo team leader is a twenty-one year old Spc. named Mahjor. He's one of those short energetic, overachievers (he's earned his expert infantryman badge, as well as attended air assault school) but unlike most of his kind is approachable, friendly, and calm. He hails from Arizona.
The alpha team leader is spc. Walde. He totally resents being in the army and it shows whenever he's not on the clock. He plays guitar, has an Indian scientist girlfriend, and one of the best senses of humor in our squad.
The other Spc. is Flickinger (or Flick). A former Marine, he doesnt talk much, is kind of a redneck, but helps people out and is a heavy machine guns expert. He's also been to scuba school and Marines mountain warfare school.
And now on to the Joes that I live/love with:
PV2 Kipple is a toothless gangsta white kid from D.C. He's our SAW (squad automatic weapon) gunner. He plays dumb for a lot of NCO's, but that just goes to show how streetsmart he really is.
PV2 Moon is one of the craziest, most fun, creative people I've ever met. He reminds me in a lot of ways of Corey Kloos (he even kind of looks like him and has the same handwriting). A recovering Junky, he just recently got into reading and is using the army to pay for college. For being self-educated he is quite intelligent. He's from Cadiz, Ohio.
I'll write about all the rest later tonight or tomorrow.
For now: movies and fried chicken. Woot woot!
posted by Scott Thomas at 8:24 AM

*emphasis mine


11.) I'm not sure if this is anything, but it again shows his fixation on the idea of empire.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Old bitch empires gone in the teeth
This is a memory
of you swallowing those delicate flowers
glued together in the shape of a crucifix,
of those voiceless miracles buried in your stomach.
I've waited patiently
nervously holding strangers hands
counting dead birds on the beach
playing games with bitch empires gone in the teeth
and seeing the skull beneath your flesh.
If you havent invented desire
I'll inherit the ghost
and proudly
with a paper rose.
posted by Scott Thomas at 8:10 PM

Sorry for inflicting that awful poetry on you.


12.) And I might as well apologize again, because you are getting a doubleshot of bad poetry.  Again, back to the fixation on empire.  I've cut out the extra stuff he wrote and left the things of interest.

I am a soldier
from St. Louis
and of a thousand places that you can't leave
this is where I outrun the terror.
Something hungry in the sun
eats from my skin
burns deep into my skull
where my head is shaved for sanititation.
I'm a soldier walking in circles
small circles in the empire
over and over screaming her name
over and over terrified of her ghost.

Now, take a look at this, posted on the same post before the poem about himself. 

I am a polar bear
in the St. Louis Zoo
and of a thousand places that you can't leave
this is where i outrun the terror.
Something heavy in the sun
touches my skin,
peers out of the portholes on my sides,
where my hair fell out in clumps.
I'm a polar bear walking in circles
small circles in the empire
over and over searching for her
over and over chased by the memory of her walk.

So, I guess in his abstract, bad prose, he's comparing his time in the army to being in a zoo? 


13.) Now this one is a big one, and one of the most important, also where the Beauchamp blog analysis gets a little more complex.  I'll try to color coordinate the important points for you for easy reference

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

ill return to america an author*
bavarian stories in some sort of rounded metaphysical order...personality death stories intersecting with poesy home memory reflections. You begin with a place and an action and let it carry in every direction till the words are vibrating on the page, dripping in thick robust delapidated barnhouses of adjectives and pronouns...no time for the subtle gray faced calculations of a PERFORMED intimacy...go...but remember what Kerouac forgot: revision is spontaneous also.
a brief coming back to america introduction, stories about soldiers, prositutes, innocent students rendered featherless by dark rivets of experience** and the decadence of human pursuits in every vein...and then there's the veins...follow 'em.
Cut your wrist let it bleed onto the paper in unique soulpatterns of mindthoughts. after the coming back to america introduction theres sgt. Leclaire with his dick blown off and the house 12 working girl with her stuff blown out in the other direction and both lost darkeyes brooding on prisonfleshes of human animal bodies the bridge across being only that connection spark instant also lost as quickly. a revery of mothertalk and love looks back in the soft american night. the awol in bamberg lying to make himself into someone who can actually touch another persons lips to his heart to feel. a grandma memeory of cracked heavy crystal balls and smoke serpitine around stacks of tarot cards. the smell of the antiseptic physical therapy room filled with limbless veterans, some missing half a face, and one wearing a god bless america t-shirt...of course this was all before the war, but the war is closer here and an everlengthening shadow over my half closed eyes...but this is all in our time, here and coming back to america...
posted by Scott Thomas at 9:46 AM

*emphasis mine.

Under this emphasized point, I point out to you that he wishes to return to the US a writer.

**emphasis mine

I point this out because it shows what he wants to write about.  He has obviously written about the Iraq War, and atrocities and misconduct he claims he witnessed.  Also of note is his mention of students.  Beauchamp attended college before enlisting. 

Yellow  Pay attention to the date, it will be relevent in a later post, the same one as the blue and green points.

Blue  Pay attention to this name, and his rank, it will come up again in a very important piece, the most important post in my opinion.

Green Pay attention to this detail, you'll know why when we get to the post I mentioned in Blue. 

Red  This is a detail that someone noticed, I'm thinking Dan Riehl, but I could be wrong.  One of Beachamp's claims in his TNR pieces was that a woman who had half of her face burned/cut by an IED was being mocked in a mess hall.  It could well be a revisited theme.  Notice how often he's revisited the theme of Empire.


14.) Next one is not super important, but it seems to be the old hackneyed stereotype of an overly macho officer telling his men to blow away lots of charlie/hadji.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

its titular and roundabout ways
ah,this week phone uses should return to me...as well as money...dont mean to bore you people and invisible audience with repeating myself constantly...
got a "kill the hadji" speech from the command seargent major yesterday, then augmented it with an essay by Gramsci...
sartre blamed himself for ww1...i blame glen for the iraq invasion and corey for its subsequent failure...
i work from 8-6 today tearing roots out of the earth...good upper body workout
posted by Scott Thomas at 2:18 PM


15.) Remember that big one I was telling you about, here you go.  This is possibly, in conjunction with post on April 26 the most important.

Monday, May 08, 2006+

i make me feel stupid
"Shit, I don't know...put a 556 in his head"**
On the street below the mans brown face dissolves into a thick red mist. The lights in the cities houses shut off in unison. Elecricity rationing. Water rationing too. You ever tried to survive for more than a few hours in hundred and twenty degree weather without water? In the streets the kids bodies start convulsing in semi-orgasmic rhythms. Their pants fill up with shit and piss and the smart ones sneak out to the fields to hidden caches of water jugs and trinkets of candy from the american soldiers.
"See that sarge, kids digging or something?"*
"Well, better safe then sorry. Cap his ass Leclaire."
"You sure sarge?"
"Well, im either right or wrong. And if I'm wrong im still right because i could have been right even though i was wrong."
They watch the sliver of red sun fall slower and slower, silhouetting the little barbarians falling bodies.*** The Chaplain turns and walks back towards the FOB in contemplation. Gotta rack out early tonight. Handing out bibles in the marketplace tomorrow, early. Unintelligible rap blares out of the open doors of the HUMVEE.
posted by Scott Thomas at 12:59 PM

Yellow  Remember when I said that date was important, heres why.  Compare the dates.  About a week later, right? And the +, again, keep the date in mind, it will come up again.

Blue  Notice, LeClaire is now answering to the Sgt.  When we last heard from LeClaire, he WAS a Sgt., now before we forget,

GreenRemember the last time you saw green?  Our buddy , the then Sgt. LeClaire was in a hospital ward with his schmeckel blown off. 

Purple Notice this?  There is no way in hell the military would let the chaplain do this.  I thought that was fishy, but Bryan at HotAir called it BS before I did, so I'll give him the credit.

* Emphasis mine.  So basically, he says they just kinda blew some Iraqi guys face off.  Also notice the bizarre description of what the heat and thirst do to the kids.  I've never heard of this, I haven't seen any milbloggers or commenters with Military backgrounds that have experienced this, and I'm thinking its just made up.

**also mine.  Would a soldier really say it that way, or would they just say to shoot him, and leave the superfluous caliber description out?  I'm thinking yes, I can't imagine a soldier needs to say the round used in a M-16 or M-4, I'm guessing everyone from top brass to the lowest private know what round the standard infantry rifle fires.

***Execution of Iraqi kids.

What does all this mean?  It indicates Beauchamp likes to make up stories about military and war, atrocity in particular.  We can see these stories are made up because of the inconsistencies in describing LeClaire.  Did he get demoted to Private from Sgt. in a mere week? How about the fact that LeClaire was in the hospital a week before, having just lost lil' LeClaire a week ago.  The bizarre behavior of the Iraqi kids, the Chaplain handing out Bibles.  None of that could be real.  So we have a pattern, not only is prone to writing about stories of atrocity, he's known to leave some big loopholes.


16.) Remember how I told you to pay attention to the date on the last post, here's why.  He says here that he's received news that his unit deployment is postponed. 

Sunday, May 14, 2006

in short, our units deployment is postponed until further notice...maybe even cancelled....
posted by Scott Thomas at 2:36 PM

So, he was just in Iraq shooting kids, then a mere six days later he's waiting to be deployed?  Interesting, huh?


17.) The next post is also interesting, and brings us back to his writing ambition.  Bullseye! he's in Iraq to write a book, he all but admits it here. 

Thursday, May 18, 2006

ghosts scared too
movie night:
Scarface, National Lampoons European Vacation, Get Rich or Die Trying, Blow, Hamburger Hill, and Ghostbusters (again)...rereading Dershowitz's book "Shouting Fire" on civil liberties....
I know that NOT participating in a war (and such a misguided one at that) should be considered better than wanting to be in one just to write a book...but you know, maybe id rather be a good man than a good artist...be both? Some can and some cant...i guess it all depends on how great an artist, or how great a man they want to be. Sometimes it feels like i have to choose between being totally loyal to thoughts of my future family OR totally loayl to chasing down the muse. *must find a middle ground.
p.s.-The movies were not my decisions but watched on a basis of consensus.
posted by Scott Thomas at 4:49 PM

*emphasis mine

18.) This next one is a very important one as well.  All bolding and italics mine.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Bob Dylan's 49th Beard
What really happened this week? Did Scott Beauchamp, acknowledged lacker of practical knowledge and day dream riding champion actually construct and build a tiled walkway that leads to a memorial?
Red Monk: yes, he did
Interviewer: was it difficult?
Red Monk: well, he's not completely incompetent, he just used what little common sense he has.
Interviewer: is it true that he had to construct a SLOPING tiled walkway?
Red Monk: yes, he chose to make it at a 30 degree angle which levels out as one approaches the memorial.
Interviewer: What aided him on this mission?
Red Monk: jokes from a private from Detroit.
Interviewer: I see....G.I. humor.
Red Monk: exactly.
Interviewer: any final thoughts, freudian or otherwise, on this construction project from our good man Beauchamp?
Red Monk: sometimes a cigar is just a dildo.
Beauchamp thinks of changing his name to Simon and studying medicine in the Antilles...snapshots of arterial bleeding and the slowly creeping feeling that maybe the postmoderns are right...in more of a Buddhist way than anything...he listenes to a song by Wilco or the Arctic Monkeys and watches the trees outside bend phallicly in the wind...
Every morning I get up and feel retarded for joining the army.
Every morning I get up and feel proud for serving my country.
Every morning I get up and dont want to get up.
Every morning I get up and wish that I was back in college.
Every morning I get up and appreciate everything that I'm learning here.
Every morning I get up and wish my roomate wasnt such a big fan of Disturbed...
Every morning I get up and I'm a little more liberal than the day before
Every morning I get up and try to recite a fact from something I read last night.
Every morning I get up and wish I was as free as the people that I'm "fighting for"
Every morning I get up and think I'm a tool for global corporations
Every morning I get up and miss my mother
Every morning I get up and shave
Every morning I get up and realize how much I love my comrades
Every morning I get up and say I'm Scott Beauchamp, in the army, living in Germany, and this is my life, and I'm going to be treated like shit today and do landscaping and janitorial work and practice killing people and there could be no other way to appreciate what I had or what I'm going to have once I get out other than enduring this now when all I really want to do is teach history and lay around and read and hustle around and repair the world (tikkun olam) and sift through knowledge and improve culture and learn how to sail and work in soup kitchens and start a family and really, I mean REALLY study the best the western civilization has to offer and facilitiate the mystery and power through everything I do, but I cant do it without getting through this army experience first, which will add a legitimacy to EVERYTHING i do afterwards, and totally bolster my opinions on defense, etc, and of course its making me a lot less lazy, just because im not use to being lazy any more, etc.
Every morning I get up

reading: a lot
listening to: even more
watching: Harold and Kumar go to White Castle
posted by Scott Thomas at 9:25 AM

The "every morning" highlights are self explanitory.  The last piece is incredibly damning.  It sounds to me that a big part of why he joined the Army was that he's seeking out Absolute Moral Authority.


19.) This next post again establishes his dislike for Republicans, commenting on a statement made by Dick Cheney at the Washington Institute's Soref Symposium, April 29, 1991.  Essentially, this makes his opinion on the war clear.

I miss political arguments. There seems to be a consensus with all the boys overseas...we laugh harder at CSPAN than comedy central. Silly republicans.
posted by Scott Thomas at 4:13 AM


I was in disagreement with S. Weasel over whether Beauchamp would sent his blog down the memory hole, but its looking like he was right, its looking like the answer is no.  Here, there are several people confronting him, and some of the posts are deleted, so maybe he is censoring his comments but leaving posts.  In any case, this guide has most, if not all the important stuff, linked and copied and free to use.
 *CORRECTION*  One of the commenters from that post let me know that those were self deletes.  Apparently from double posts. I figure thats the deal with the others.

Also of note, Enlightened from Just One Minute points out that a story of German soldiers playing with human skulls in Afghanistan, came a short time after Beauchamp's last post.  This reveelation is similar to the accusation Beauchamp leveled at the Army in his pieces for The New Republic.

For now, I'll call that good.  I focused on his blog entries, but again, I highly recommend you visit Ace of Spades HQ or HotAir for more information on the Beauchamp story.

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