February 27, 2008

Bad News in Keystone Politics

John Murtha's opponent Bill Russell screwed up big, and isn't going to be allowed to run on the ballot.  House candidates in PA have to get 1000 validated signatures from their own party members in the district to run in the party primaries. 

Two more years of this...great.

My understanding is that he had over a 1000 signatures, but that a bunch were thrown out because they were Independents or unregistered, and they had to be Republicans, but I have yet to find an article confirming that.  Russell ultimately ended up seven short in his tally.

So who pushed to have him thrown off the ticket?   Seems we have a few Republicans, alongside Murtha's sitters.  Typical, I wonder if they too feed from the vast trough Murtha has built for himself. Wouldn't surprise me, PA loves pork, and Murtha's the least kosher guy in DC. 

The challenge to Russell’s petitions came from two local Republicans and was backed by Murtha’s campaign.

Russell can still run as a write-in candidate if he collects 1000 signatures, and he's weighing that option, but I'm thinking its pretty much a done deal, the guy was struggling on his own with party support in a strongly Democrat district, and Murtha has that district bought, so it was gonna be a huge uphill battle anyway.  So, looks like were stuck being embarrassed by the jackass for another two years, at least.

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