August 03, 2007

Richard Dawkins Calling On Other Atheists To Wear a Unifying Symbol In New Campaign

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Interesting...almost like a cross, six pointed star, or even a star and crescent, but even better!  A big scarlet "A." Get it, because they're persecuted like Hester Prynne.  Also like the Scarlet Letter(or anything written by Hawthorne), Evangelical Atheists are also tedious and annoying as hell.

Sorry, but if you can sit there and tell me Evangelical Atheists aren't trying to build the functional equivalent of a religion at this point, you're in denial.  This brand of Atheism IS a religious movement,  if you're one of these types of Atheists, you need to quit acting like the NYT and just admit what you're agenda is, I don't even care that you are Atheists, just admit its a religious movement.

I wonder when he starts forming the al-Dawkins Numbskulls Brigades, an organization specifically built to bomb and derail every online forum and chat thread with mile long rants and venom about the stupidity of believing in a deity?  Oh wait, that already exists.

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