March 31, 2009

Are Republicans completely stupid?

I mean honestly.  How could the Republican Party let this special election in NY-20 get so close?  It's going to a recount

And, I know this may get me kicked out of conservatism (or something), but the voters are just as idiotic.  What the hell is up with voting for a Democrat because they say they're pro-gun or pro-life or pro/anti-whatever?  They fucking lie to you.  They think/know that you don't pay any attention to the things they do in DC.  They campaign on being pro-life, then they vote to bring pro-abortion bills to the floor knowing that they'll pass without their vote.  

When will you people wake the fuck up?  Say what you want about the Dems but, with very few exceptions, there aren't that many Democratic districts in Republican hands.  In fact, the only one I can think of off the top of my head is Rep. Cao in New Orleans. 

Geesh.  Rant over.

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