March 29, 2010

Al Franken: Jackass

Fuck you, Al. Fuck you.

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Wiiking Off

My only problem? It should be titled "Wii curling gone horribly right"

Via this blog I've never heard of via Say Uncle.

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Okay, that's funny.

I followed a link from the puppy blender to here, a story I almost updated my previous, paranoid ranting, post with. It starts off slow but by the top of the second page you'll see more of what makes me think the way I do about Tsar Putin I. Notice where Ingushetia is, just north of South Ossetia.
That link led me to this post about this story (Yay! The point!)

So the post is at PJ's by Kim Zigfeld who's OUTRAGED! that Obama is having US troops march alongside British and Russian troops.
In Red Square.
She's upset because of the way Russia has been acting in the Caucusus, I'm with her on that. But Bush was just as bad or worse.
The Chechens weren't terrorists in 2001, they offered condolences to the US after 9/11 on more than one of their websites, including the official one, (don't go there, it's terrorist now). Bush went to Russia and totally threw them under the bus. It was some cold shit and it really pissed me off.
So it's too much to ask for Obama to act all upset. Especially after 9 years of Russian troops kidnapping civilians and returning their bodies for $thousands or just killing and raping (often in that order) and leveling a city of 500,000 people down to rubble. Reporters into the area die. One made it out with pics, I'll find the link on another computer, but they're brutal.

Personally, I think it's High-Larious with a capital HIGH that American troops are marching in Red fucking Square.
Ronnie Raygun and Patton are in a bar somewhere, downing a few boilermakers, laughing their asses off.

Good for Obama.
Imagine US troops going to Russia in full regalia?
That's funny.
Where am I wrong?

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I am deeply deeply disturbed

Some fool has composed a list of the 10 worst science fiction book series and he included the 10 volume L. Ron Hubbard classic Mission Earth on it.

How could he?  written by the master of science fiction himself this series had it all.  Intergalactic intrigue, love, war, hot women in leather, mind control helmets, penis enlargement surgery (wait, what?) drug addiction (??), lesbian B&D fetishists who are converted to heterosexuality by the love (read raped by) of a good man (???), and a plot by the American Psychological Association to seize control of the Earth (????). 

Hmmm, reading those last few maybe I should reconsider my position that this truly was the greatest SF masterpiece of all time. 

Actually what deeply disturbs me is that this is only number 3 on the list.  It should be the number one worst series of all time.  Actually they should invent a new form of math to truly describe it's suckiness.  But the author of the list only rated it number 3, after the Foundation trilogy (which while not great and definitely overrated ) certainly didn't suck that bad, and the Legend of Dune series which I have never even seen. 

Someone should think about revoking his book reviewer license.

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Too Paranoid or just observant?

We've all seen the news about the suicide bombings in Moscow.
And here comes Veeshir in full, paranoid, the pod people are after me, mode.

I'll admit, I've been looking at Russia, Iran, Syria and NoKo because I've been expecting at least two wars this spring, once invasion season starts in Georgia.

So let's see the dots I've connected in my feverish, paranoid mind.


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Final Four Update

Actually, among our brackets we only have three people that are still in contention:

Team Name
Current Score
Highest Possible
Mark H.
Dale K.
Shari T.

Shari only has a prayer because she picked West Virginia to win it all and the others all picked teams that are out.  Of course, that means she needs WV to win it all which... ain't gonna happen.

I haven't done any deep analysis so it may be impossible for Dale to actually win if enough of the picks are the same as Mark but we'll know all shortly.

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Those Damn Racist Teahadis And Their Violent Ways!

Oh. Never mind (warning: TPM Link).

Yeah, expect the MSM to spike this.

UPDATE!!1!1eleventy! This guy is also an Obama Donor.

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March 28, 2010

Kind of cool

Some guy built a Turing machine

Of course it would be cooler if it was a steampunk Turing machine.

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Watch out, bacon, here comes science!

Just you wait.  I guarantee that some congresscritter is going to throw a fit about this study and insist that we outlaw bacon.  If that doesn't make us all fight back, then, my friends - nothing will.

Scientists have finally confirmed what the rest of us have suspected for years: Bacon, cheesecake, and other delicious yet fattening foods may be addictive.

A new study in rats suggests that high-fat, high-calorie foods affect the brain in much the same way as cocaine and heroin. When rats consume these foods in great enough quantities, it leads to compulsive eating habits that resemble drug addiction, the study found.

Doing drugs such as cocaine and eating too much junk food both gradually overload the so-called pleasure centers in the brain, according to Paul J. Kenny, Ph.D., an associate professor of molecular therapeutics at the Scripps Research Institute, in Jupiter, Florida. Eventually the pleasure centers "crash," and achieving the same pleasure--or even just feeling normal--requires increasing amounts of the drug or food, says Kenny, the lead author of the study.

Imagine it - illicit bacon and cheesecake trade, in the seedy dark alleys, late at night.  The DEA coming after you for owning Twinkies.  You can see it happening.  Admit it.

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First They Came For The Flame-Thrower Scooters, And I Said Nothing...

This is awesome wrapped in a thick layer of awesome, sprinkled with a healthy dose of fucking awesome and served on a tray of awesome.

Speaking before his arrest, he said: ''Everybody wants a flame thrower on a motor bike.

''I don't need a flame thrower on the back of my bike, I'm not going to set fire to people's car's, it's just something interesting to do.''

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Latest post at RWN

My latest scribblings at RWN, go read dem.

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I hate to steal another one of this guy's graphics, so swallow your drink and then make with the clicky.
Constitutionelle toilet paper:
Get that special "Member of Congress" feeling.

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Racism Abound And On The Rebound

Well, if you believe the meme that the Mediacrats are pushing that the opposition to Obamacare is 100% violent racist, as dipshit emeritus Frank Rich espouses, then I guess we all are racists then.

Well, well, well. Hey lefties:

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How Are Those Green Jobs Doing?

Yeah, just as expected.

After a year of crippling delays, President Barack Obama's $5 billion program to install weather-tight windows and doors has retrofitted a fraction of homes and created far fewer construction jobs than expected.

In Indiana, state-trained workers flubbed insulation jobs. In Alaska, Wyoming and the District of Columbia, the program has yet to produce a single job or retrofit one home. And in California, a state with nearly 37 million residents, the program at last count had created 84 jobs.

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I Watch Spartacus!

Has anybody else been watching the Starz show Spartacus?

I know it's not BSG or 24, it's better. It has full frontal nudity, including Xena: Warrior Princess' breasts on display every episode, and gladiators gladiating.

And for you folk into menfolk, they don't skimp on the full frontal nudity of the gladiators who only wear loincloths when they're not diddling Roman matrons or standing around nekkid for said Roman matrons to gawk at. Unfortunately, for you, they already killed off the gladiator with the huge wang.

I haven't watched soap operas since Luke was diddling Laura, but this one is pretty darn good.
There have been 10 episodes so far (you can watch them all at the above link) and they were almost all pretty darn good. One or two were place holders (but they showed full frontal nudity so it wasn't a waste) but the rest have been good. This week's, in particular, was very good. 

There's only two things I'd say weren't periodically accurate.
They use 'thumbs up' to mean, "Let him live" and 'thumbs down' for "Kill him", instead of the way it really was. Thumbs down meant, "Drop your weapon", i.e. let him live.

They also have most of the contests end in death, from what I've read, most of the contests didn't end in death unless the loser didn't fight well and they gave him the "thumbs up". Gladiators were expensive so you didn't want your valuable slaves being killed off too quickly.

Except for that, I'd say it shows Rome of that time fairly accurately.

It's good but be warned, it's brutal. They use 300-style effects, including lots of heads being lopped off in great sprays of blood. The 4th episode "The Pit" was especially brutal what with the cutting off a dude's face and all.

I like it so two thumbs down.

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Why, there's no such thing... "Death Panels" or rationing of care or anything like that, you silly goose.

Katherine Murphy, from the Patients' Association, expressed horror at the potential risks being taken to ensure Government targets are met.

She said: "This is a sick experiment being played out on the public, at a cost to people's lives. These incentives are not just deeply unethical, but clearly dangerous. The patient has been forgotten."

Aside from the horror about keeping people out of Emergency Rooms, let's forget for a second that our cousins across The Pond have had to unionize as patients against socialized medicine because of—

Oh, wait. Holy shit. Let's NOT forget that. For even a second. They. Have. A. Patients'. Association.

And they have the NHS.

Welcome to the future. I hope you like it.

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March 27, 2010

This wins the internets

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A great how-to by the AP

So, I was reading this boring little AP article about a tea party protest in Searchlight, Nevada (home of the one and only Harry Reid).  The gathering was headlined by Sarah Palin, and Andrew Breitbart showed up as well.  I found one line in particular to be particularily ironic and especially stupid, so please note that it's my emphasis on teh stupid:

Conservative columnist Andrew Breitbart disputed accounts that tea party activists in Washington shouted racial epithets at black members of Congress amid the health care debate, although he didn't provide any evidence.

Really, AP?  Really, you're going to slip that tiny, innocuous little phrase in there?  You're going to be the ones saying that Breitbart didn't provide any evidence?  Because, as I recall, it's you and your fucking cronies who are lacking in any damn evidence for anything.

Oh, but let's not stop there, AP.  No, you're right; pointing out that there's no evidence for tea partiers screaming hateful slurs isn't nearly enough.  You had to go and find a damn birther in the crowd, too, because we all know that no smear of the conservative group isn't complete without a birther quote:

Leonard Grimes, a 70-year-old retired logger, said the nation is drifting toward socialism, and he's not convinced Obama is eligible to be president.

"I'd like him to prove he's an American citizen," said Grimes, a registered independent who is originally from Michigan but now lives in Golden Valley, Ariz.

In summation, fuck you, AP.  In a very, very uncomfortable place - and I don't mean the back of a Volkswagen.

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Bring. It. Bitch.

Remember. We teabaggers are the hateful ones.

Oh and below the fold is something I've wanted to say about the teabagging slur for awhile now.

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The Economist on Health Care Reform

What will it mean for America? The short answer is that the reforms will expand coverage dramatically, but at a heavy cost to the taxpayer. They will also do far too little to rein in the underlying drivers of America’s roaring health inflation. Analysis by RAND, an independent think-tank, suggests that the reforms will actually increase America’s overall health spending—public plus private—by about 2% by 2020, in comparison with a scenario of no reform (see chart). And that rate of spending was already unsustainable at a time when the baby-boomers are starting to retire in large numbers

Lots of detail in the article but the gist is that cost is not going down any time soon and the budget is busted.

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